Update 1

(Update till now, quickly) I installed opensrf 2.1 on ubuntu 12.04, and started working on it. It took me a while to understand the working of srfsh, and opensrf.Now,  since I got a bit of grasp, I began my work on the php client. A hurdle turned up, HTTP is stateless on its own. So how do we have a statefull session?? This obstacle was removed through this wiki. And, now I had successfully established a connection with the service. Though this cannot be *correctly* stated as “connection”. It is sort of sending the data and recieving a response, along with a guid. All responses are individual response. The guid keeps a record of the thread.

Till now I have been using “evergreen.owwl.org” as my endpoint.  After editing my code to get a more generic client, I have come to this day(today), with my commits available on github (/pranjal710/osrf). To get a better client, which can perform on more services, now, I had to install an evergreen system. I did that (evergreen 2.1.2). For those who cannot figure how to do this (2.1.2 on ubuntu 12.04), and are stuck at : “make -f Open-ILS/src/extras/Makefile.install install_pgsql_server_debs_90” , do try :this for the *Makefile.install* (at your own risk), but yes, it did work for me.

PS : Sending header and receiving response data took a lot of time (and patience)