Title Level Hold

Although I completed this a week back, but I think now is the time to put this post. Do take a look at the newly added “examples/” in my github repo. “index.php” shows how to put a title level hold. The newly added config.php allows user to put his choice for the classfieldmapper.php’s location. This is necessary because the file is being created dynamically and requires permissions to read/write. The location has to be chosen wisely. Another newly added option, although the same is present for other language binding (and I couldnt think of anything new), is to explicitly control the parsing of Fieldmapper IDL. It takes few seconds to parse fieldmapper idl, hence, to make things faster user is given the option to parse/not parse the IDL. If the xml file is changed/edited, the user can create a new, for other cases he an continue with the old copy.

The code has been currently tested for “title level hold” only. My next step will be to test it for various other cases.